Janet’s work is a fusion of ingenuity and artistry. She delves into her clients’ lifestyle and often asks “What do you need in your space and how do you move through your life everyday.” Her body of work reflects the individuality of each client’s lifestyle. Her distinctive design aesthetic is brought to life in her interiors where she deftly integrates luxury materials with rich finishes and a synergy of color.

Acknowledging that a house represents an intimate relationship between its resident and architecture, Janet Simon’s interiors embody fluidity, definition, character and the spirit of its owner.

Whether speaking in front of an audience or working side by side with a client, Janet’s design philosophy is always about living a beautiful life. She espouses that a room is not only about how it looks but how it makes you feel. Janet’s unerring attention to detail is reflected in each phase of the design, with functionality and fluid movement from room to room as essentials.